15 Amp Driver

Our 15 amp Driver is a single channel Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller that provides a very cost effective solution for controlling a 12 volt circuit. The 15 amp driver provides a turnkey, plug-and-play controller for use with any VariTech Industries open loop electric or auger exhaust hydraulic driven pre-wet system power unit. Output is indicated on a visual scale of 0 to 10 with 1⁄2 segment increments on the front of the controller. There is an LED indicator on the front panel for visual feedback on power on/off.

Standalone 15 Amp Driver
Perfect for low volume liquid pumps.

Includes 25 feet of cables
Quick and easy installation.

Manual Rheostat Control
Allows for accurate speed and pressure control.

Heavy-Duty Sealed Wire Connections
Gives adequate protection from elements.

Reverse Polarity Protection
Prevents damage to the circuit.

Circuit Breaker Protection
Automatically protects the electrical circuit.

Compact, Space Saving Design with Mounting Brackets
Offers a variety of mounting locations and easy installation.