Behind the Cab Combo Tanks

The Behind the Cab Tank and Toolbox Combo unit allows you to carry liquid pre-wetting solution while incorporating a fully functional toolbox. This first of its kind unit is available in 80 and 150 gallon configurations with a powder coated or stainless steel frame and toolbox. The toolbox doors are fully hinged, sealed, and lockable to provide protection from the harsh winter environment and unauthorized personnel.

High Density, UV Stabilized, Polyethylene Plastic Tank
Excellent impact resistance and sun protection.

Large 12 Cubic Foot Toolbox
Provides adequate space for tools and personal safety equipment.

Sealed, Lockable Side Doors
Allows protection from the outside elements and prevents unauthorized access.

Optional Stainless Steel Frame
Pre-engineered mounting system fits the most popular truck frames.

Quick Disconnect Fill Port
Easy access for filling and draining.

Year Round Application
Toolbox can be used in any season.

Splashproof Vent and Sealed Lids
Prevents spilling associated with liquid sloshing.

Can be Fitted with a Wide Variety of Pump and Plumbing Options
Produces a turn-key system.