Tailgate Series Liquid Application Tanks

The Tailgate series of tanks are designed for light, medium and heavy duty truck pre-wetting applications. Featuring a minimum specific gravity rating of 1.9, and U.V. stabilized material, the Tailgate series of tanks offer extra long life with reduced bulging, and are capable of applying liquids of all specific gravities. The Tailgate series tanks can be used in manual, open-loop and closed-loop pre-wetting applications. Available in 75, 100 and 150 gallon tanks.

Molded Internal Baffles
Improved vehicle stability with less material movement.

Extra-Heavy Duty Tank
Able to accurately apply high specific gravity liquids.

High Density Polyethylene U.V. Stabilized Plastic
Exceptional protection from sun deterioration for extended life.

Extra Large 5" Vented Fill Cap
Allows easy access to tank for maintenance, service and top filling.

1-1/2" Quick-Disconnect Fill Port
Ground accessible fill and drain port.

Splash-Proof Vent
Prevent spilling associated with liquid sloshing.

Optional Stainless Steel of Powder Coated Carrier
Pre-engineered mounting system fits most popular truck frames.

Integrated Power Unit Mounting
No secondary enclosure parts to mount, maintain or replace.

304 Stainless Steel Fasteners
Corrosion proof material for easier maintenance and longer life.

Pull-Pin Removable Support Frame
Reduces time removing and installing system between uses.

Bulkhead Style Tank Connections
Service connectors easily without electronic measurements.

Suction Filter Cartridge Standard
Protects pump for added life.