Modular Brine Production Shelter

Modular Shelters are constructed of high-density U.V. stabilized material. The walls and roof feature double insulated walls allowing users to install climate control systems to maintain material temperature.

The interlocking walls and roof, in addition to the molded bottom flange, allow for easy installation and expansion to any length. Each Modular Shelter comes standard with a locking door providing an economical solution to all storage needs.

Completely Rust Proof
Plastic construction combined with stainless steel and galvanized parts make it ideal for storing corrosive chemicals.

Innovative Modular Design
Using simple interlocking wall and roof panels, allows construction of any length.

High-density U.V. Stabilized Polyethylene Plastic
Exceptional protection from sun deterioration for extended life.

Foam Insulation Installed During the Molding Process
Plastic and polyethylene material bonds to prevent the structure from delaminating, offering longer life then traditional materials.

Floorless Design
Easily place shelter over existing equipment.

Hinged Roof
Allows materials to be loaded or unloaded through the roof opening.

Lockable Entrance Door
Securable door prevents loss or damage to stored material or property.

Easily Assembled Light-weight Structure
Build a weather tight structure in minutes that easily moves to any location.

Optional Electrical and Heating Systems Available
Easily add temperature control to the shelter system for material temperature control.